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Welcome to British Essay Writer! Our service is the leading essay writing company in the UK. Since 2004, we have been providing English-speaking students with quality college writing assignments and have created a reputable image. Before submitting an order, it’s crucial to check out the privacy policy section to get the peculiarities of the writing process. The leading essay writer UK is ready to provide quality writing help based on the reliable privacy policy conditions.

The main goal of our service lies in satisfying your expectations and the requirements of your professor. Still, we also want you to feel protected and be sure that your information won’t be revealed. Therefore, familiarize with the privacy policy of our service and forget about any worries!

What Kind of Information Is Required?

In order to guarantee a well-organized writing process, we need particular personal and non-personal information. Your information can be revealed to the specific representatives of BritishEssayWriter, who deal with repayment process, transfers money, and maintains information. Still, your information won’t be conveyed to anyone else, who isn’t a representative of our service.

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Before you apply for our professional writing assistance, ensure that you can provide the following information:

  • Basic contact information: name, email, and phone number.
  • Information needed for LogIn: a username, a number of your account, and password.
  • Other information: information about your orders and marketing issues.
  • Furthermore, we require information about your IP address and browser you use.

Your personal information won’t be revealed to the writers you choose. As it was mentioned before, only a narrow circle of the employees can familiarize with your information. Otherwise, the assignment writing process is impossible.

What Do We Use to Guarantee Quality Writing Process?

In order to provide our clients with quality college assignments, we use cookies sometimes. It helps us to create statistics and use the information of your profile. We launch cookies on your computer and receive information in several clicks. Still, our privacy policy doesn’t cover third party cookies, which are provided by server providers, for instance.

Once you create an account on, you will get an access to your profile anytime. Furthermore, you can change the data of your profile anytime too. You can also delete an account if you don’t need a help of our service. Still, remember that we can restore your information in the cases considered in Terms of Use. Your information can’t be completely deleted from our database (it’s also foreseen by the Terms of Use) because of the specific back-up frameworks.

Is Your Information 100% Secured?

Even though we work to provide a quality security of your information, we can’t guarantee that your data will be 100% secured. It happens because the operations made through the Internet can’t be absolutely protected and that’s a commonplace. Furthermore, our portal provides an interaction between social media resources. It also gathers your persona data needed for the full-packed assignment writing process.

We don’t gather information about the children, who are less than 13 years old. You might want to check our Terms of Use to make sure everything about our service satisfies you. Furthermore, we have the right to change information but we will admonish the clients about the changes.

We always encourage our clients to read the Privacy Policy before applying for our services. If the client didn’t familiarize with them, it becomes impossible to demand money back or make a claim. Our company works hard to provide clients with effective and quality college assignments. That’s why you can be sure that your interests stay in the priority. Our goals lie in satisfying YOUR interests.

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